Consult (Optional)

A consult is $50. Payment must be made at the time of booking. This fee is non refundable. If you decide to go ahead with the treatment you will need to re book and the $50 is deducted from the total cost. This is redeemable within 6 months. You must provide 3 days notice if you need to reschedule your appointment, otherwise you will lose the full payment of the consult.

Initial session:

$200 non refundable deposit. We do not hold bookings so payment MUST be made within the time of booking otherwise your appointment will be cancelled. The remaining cost will need to be paid at your initial appointment. You will need to provide 5 days notice to reschedule, otherwise you will lose 50% of your deposit.

Complimentary Perfecting session:

The perfecting session must be between 6-12 weeks after your initial session - An additional cost will occur if this appointment is made after that time frame. Once the complimentary perfecting session has been booked, failure to provide 5 days notice to reschedule will occur an additional $50 payment to re book.

Additional Touch ups:

Any additional "Touch ups" must be booked between 6-12 weeks from your last appointment. An additional cost will occur if it is booked after this time frame. Full payment must be made at the time of booking. You must provide 5 days notice to reschedule otherwise you will lose 50% of the payment.

6-18 month Refreshers:

$100 non refundable deposit. You can find all pricing for 6-18 month refreshers on our website under "Existing clients"

 You will need to provide 5 days notice to reschedule otherwise you will lose your deposit.

Rescheduling/No shows

We only allow you to reschedule twice. If you reschedule more than twice you will lose your deposit. If you no show to your appointment without notifying us unfortunately you will not be able to book with us in the future.


Unfortunately, our room isn’t child friendly and due to Occupational Health & Safety, only the tattooist and client can be in the room during the procedure. We ask that you attend your appointment alone.


If you are running late to your appointment, please let us know. Unfortunately, if you are more than 15 minutes late, this appointment will be cancelled and you will lose your deposit.


The anesthetic is not included in the cost. The anesthetic must have your name on it for us to apply. We will provide you with more information prior to booking about which anesthetic to purchase. The price of the anesthetic and postage is roughly $30 which is used for both sessions.


  • Results are NOT guaranteed. A large amount of time, effort and skill goes into your tattoo however, results vary depending on your skin, bleeding, skin care, lifestyle and if the pre & aftercare are not followed. NO refunds will be given.

  • Additional work cannot be carried out for 6-12 weeks, to allow the area to heal fully. Occasionally some clients will need an additional perfecting session which is $99.

  • Unfortunately not everyone is a suitable candidate for Cosmetic tattooing. Prior to booking, we will ask you some questions before taking a deposit to make sure you are suitable. Please read FAQ to find out more information.